Geethal's Data Systems

GeethalSystem   -  Audit and Compliance Management Software to accredit, audit and automate quality processes


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Web & Desktop Application Development
Research, development, modification, re-engineering and maintenance of the web based audit system - GeethalSystem - to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Application Service Provider
We provide online access to GeethalSystem and related services for our clients. This provides easy and yet secure remote access for their users without the need for specialized and expensive applications that would otherwise be hosted in house.
Web Hosting
Provide secure data storage on our servers for all data accessed by GeethalSystem clients. Our web servers are held in a secure Class3 Data Centre operated by UNISYS. All our database and web servers are mirrored and have built in redundancy via NLB.
Training & User Support
Training on the use of and navigation of GeethalSystem is provided to ‘super’ users to on-train and support their respective teams. Application and technical support services are provided to help users solve specific problems. Support is delivered over by email or telephone with web site support planned.