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GeethalSystem   -  Audit and Compliance Management Software to accredit, audit and automate quality processes


Creative    Innovative    Cost Effective

A Customisable Online Audit system used around the Globe.
GeethalSystem is a proven and effective system in use in many sites in a range of companies around the globe.

GeethalSystem was initially developed to carry out Engineering and HSE Inspections for bulk fuel terminals in New Zealand. This has been implemented worldwide in the Oil Industry to Assess Oil Terminals, LPG Installations and Airport Fuel Facilities. Several large organisations in New Zealand and Australia also use this system for Internal Audit, Facility Inspection and medical Accreditation purposes.

GeethalSystem minimizes the administrative effort associated with audits, so you can spend more time on activities that add value.

Question & Answer Management—allows processing any group of questions: Facility Inspection, HSE Audits, Compliance, OSH, Accreditation, Internal Audit, Surveys.
Consolidation & Analysis of results. Ability to view aggregated data—filtering, drill down, grouping and sub-grouping.

Risk analysis tools.

Action Planning, follow-up & sign-off.


Automates document based Inspections.

Gives individuals accountability for sign-off.

Manages by ‘exception’ reporting.

Implements an effective follow-up regime.

Provides consolidated statistical data for analysis.

Pre-Assessment Management

Load your questions, organisations/locations and user detail into the Assessment System and you are ready to go.

Select who you intend to audit and the appropriate questions for the Assessment.

Assign to assessor, or if desired, issue to assess for self assessment.

Cut out the delay and cost of paper based assessment reports and collation.
Have the flexibility and tools to assess as required.

Assessment Management

Assess anywhere via the Internet  or on hard copy using the question print capabilities.

Confirm where standards are met and identify all gaps.

Write notes if required against the question set.

Complete a preliminary risk assessment using the built in risk matrix.

Calculate probability / cost of risk occurring and compare with cost to fix.

Assessment reports at the push of a button.

Post-Assessment Management

Carry out investigations on major incidents using the problem/cause analysis tools.

Manage the issues identified.

Review the consolidated results of all assessments.

Assign unresolved issues to appropriate person for further review and action.

Identify accountability and timeframes then let the system manage the follow up using email.

Monitor progress at any stage and use the system to send reminder e-mails.

Corporate Risk Management

Have a continually updated corporate risk analysis at your fingertips.

Know the level of compliance and non compliance using up to 4 levels of reporting .

Be able to track the gaps on any issue at the touch of a button.

Analyze by type of risk or by location or by specific question/ indicator.

Be kept fully informed on progress where remedial actions required.

Global overview or drill down to specific issues.

GeethalSystem   -  Audit and Compliance Management Software to accredit, audit and automate quality processes

Geethal's Data Systems

Creative    Innovative    Cost Effective